The Formula 81 – Business Plans for Real Estate & Virtual Tour Photographers

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Building a photography and virtual tour business starts with a business plan. It might help to think of the structure of this plan the same way you would the building of a house. You work in stages, and that’s because there are some things you cannot do until you’ve done the other things first. For example; you start by building a foundation and these are the basics that you must have in place before you can move on. In this webinar, we’ll call Stage 1 in our plan The Foundation, since we need [...]

The FORMULA 80 – 3D VR headset webinar

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Click here for the links discussed in this show You’ve read about it on facebook and you’re seeing everyone around you gear up with virtual reality goggles. Last week rtv launched their virtual reality pilot program for their customer base. What now? How much should you be selling this for? How do you roll this out? Will people in your area be interested in this new burgeoning technology? How can you test the waters without making a huge investment? What is the investment and how does it all work? What additional equipment do [...]

THE IMAGE 55 – Efficient HDR Processing

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HDR photography has become an essential part of virtual tour photography. It is the tool that makes it possible for virtual tour photographers to produce photos and panoramas with rich color and perfectly balanced interior and exterior light so you can see through the windows, all without carrying or using a lighting kit. HDR photography can be very efficient, saving you both equipment setup time and editing time. Imagine setting up extra lights to get the same quality photos as you get with HDR for each photo you take. So here is the [...]

The IMAGE 48 – Photographers Best Friend!

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 The virtual tour business does not allow for any wasted time. Especially when it comes down to shooting four to six real estate virtual tours a day. Don't you just love it when you find something that makes your life easier? It becomes some an integral part of your everyday life that you start to wonder how did I live without this device. Well, I have found one of those and I want to share it with you.This device is designed for every photographer, including Architectural, Panoramic, Portrait, Aerial/Elevated, Landscape, Wedding, Event, Nature, Sports, [...]

The IMAGE 47 – Quiet On the Set!

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Quiet On The Set! When was the last time you watched a silent movie? I dare say for most of you it has been a long time, if ever. Sound plays a very important role in video. It helps to tell the story and bring the video to life. Imagine watching a movie with a massive explosion tearing apart buildings and throwing cars and debris thousands of feet in every direction… completely silent. Picture watching Niagara Falls and its six plus million cubic feet of water falling every minute without hearing the thunderous [...]

The IMAGE 46 – Lights, Camera, Action!

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Lights, Camera, Action! Video, is a powerful tool, it touches the sense of sight in an exciting way by showing movement rather than insinuating it. Full Motion Video is a great way to experience things in motion such as waterfalls, waves, Gates opening, interviews, Realtor introductions, and the list goes on. So let’s delve into the world of Video. Many of you have DSLR cameras that have video capability. In this webinar, we discussed how to configure the settings of your camera for shooting great video. We talked about some basics if imaging, [...]

The IMAGE 45 – Learning Fusion

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Are you brand new to RTV? Are you just starting to use RTV's Fusion virtual tour software system and would you like a little help navigating through the sea of marvelous features in this amazing virtual tour system? Either way, you should plan on attending this special training webinar event! In this webinar, we will talk about how to sign up a client, build a tour, and make sure you are setup to receive orders from our national accounts through Tour Track and most importantly how to take advantage of so many of [...]

The IMAGE 44 – PTGUI Features & Tripod Masking

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The stitching software that we recommend is PTGUI. It is both Mac & PC compatible and will stitch several different types of panoramas including Cylindrical and Spherical pans. When you are creating your panoramas for your Fusion tours there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you have the best looking panoramas. Join me, Ben Knorr, as I show you how to work with panoramas that have low detail, how to straighten your panoramas for the best results, and 3 Simple Ways to mask your tripod out of the panorama. [...]

The IMAGE 43 – Fusion Advanced Features – Part 2

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Fusion has a lot of fantastic features that make it the best virtual tour system on the market today. Out at the RTV Convention in Las Vegas, I taught a class on Advanced Fusion Features, showing everyone how to get more out of the Fusion system with the more advanced features. The theme for the RTV Convention this year is "All In". It speaks to the fact that we want you to immerse yourself into the Fusion system, to know all the different facets of the system and be able to use them [...]