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The Formula 81 – Business Plans for Real Estate & Virtual Tour Photographers

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Building a photography and virtual tour business starts with a business plan. It might help to think of the structure of this plan the same way you would the building of a house. You work in stages, and that’s because there are some things you cannot do until you’ve done the other things first. For example; you start by building a foundation and these are the basics that you must have in place before you can move on. In this webinar, we’ll call Stage 1 in our plan The Foundation, since we need [...]

Darryl Stringer – Real Estate Photography Shooting & Editing Tips

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There are many different ways to capture high-quality images in real estate photography. What technique you use has a huge impact on who will hire you as well as what your clients are willing to pay for your services. Professional real estate photography coach Darryl Stringer of The Real Estate Photography System shares his best tips and trick in this Rockpointe Marketing exclusive webinar. Darryl has more than 30 years experience as a successful real estate photographer and you will not want to miss the insights he offers in this video. [...]

Darryl Stringer – How To Establishing Pricing

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By far the most common question RTV gets from folks who are starting a virtual tour business is, "how do I set prices?". Real estate photography coach Darryl Stringer gives a clear formula to figure out what your pricing should be as well as gives you helpful information on how to let your clients know that you are worth what you charge, and he will even discuss how to defend against common objections. This is a video that you won't want to miss!

Darryl Stringer – Creating a Website That Sells

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In today's world, a website is as important as a business card if not more so. What makes a website effective is the question. In this RTV exclusive video, Darryl Stringer of the Real Estate Photography System will discuss what you need to consider when it comes to designing your website. This is a must watch for anyone who is considering building a new website, or who has a website that isn't actively bringing in business.