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RTV Convention Series – Going Green Screen

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Are you looking for new products you can add to your marketing repertoire? Green screen video is a great way to increase your service offering, and the best part is, you likely have most of the equipment to produce full HD video already. Realtors and business owners love the level of professionalism a custom video adds to their virtual tours, websites and social media profiles. The best part is that once the initial recording is done, the video clip can be superimposed over photos of any listing creating a repeating revenue opportunity for [...]

RTV Convention Series – Lightroom with Beth Nixon

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Lightroom is one of the most powerful tools in a virtual tour photographer’s bag of tricks. The question is are you getting the most out of Lightroom? Beth Nixon, RTV’s Lead Digital Imaging Specialist taught this informative class at our 2015 virtual tour provider convention in Orlando, Florida. From the feedback, we have heard she did a great job. We can’t speak highly enough about Beth’s photo editing skills. Her title is well earned, and she is a wealth of knowledge. We have recreated the class she taught at the virtual tour provider [...]

RTV Convention Series – Advanced HDR Methods

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High dynamic range photography is an important tool in a real estate photographers tools box. The trick to good HDR photography is creating consistent, realistic images and doing so in a way that is time efficient. Shawn Roach produced Advanced HDR Methods Part 1 as part of our 2015 Convention Series of Webinars that are made available to Rockpointe Marketing Members. In this webinar, Shawn will discuss several software options for HDR image processing, the pros, and cons of each, as well as give insights on creating the best imagery possible. . [...]

RTV Convention Series – Twilight Photography With Mike Stolte

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In this class, Michael Stolte and Co-Host RTV’s Jason Stringham go over step by step everything you need to know to capture the PERFECT twilight shot and add this to your existing professional photography business. From the setup of the camera and different modes to composition and actual shooting angles, this one hour webinar will prepare you like never before to outshoot your competition.

RTV Convention Series – Driving Business With Proven Internet Marketing Strategies with Jay Stringham

By |2018-10-08T13:01:30+00:00October 12th, 2015|Convention Webinars, Videos|

2015 RTV Convention - Internet Marketing /w Jason Stringham Recent data shows that between 80 and 90 percent of consumers use the Internet to find and purchase products and services. A website is not enough. This class will discuss several online marketing strategies and how to effectively use them to drive sales and grow your client list.